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The DevOps Guy
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My name is Ankit Sharma.I love playing with data and databases.I am also interested in developing web based solutions. I have 4 years and 4 months of experience, in mutiple areas of Software Design & Development. I am an enthusiast of open source solutions and love to implement and/or customize them.
I have a great desire to learn and work with different technologies. I am a quick learner and likes to work in a challenging and motivated environment. I would term myself as disciplined, efficient and decisive.
I am right now looking for a change preferably in a data architect/analyst based role, though I am always open to challenging and new opportunities.Reach out to me in case my profile interests you.

Work Experience


Backend Developer

Clairvoyant Mobile Solutions, Full Time
  • Architect and implement complete backend for mobile products.
  • Build and deploy RESTful web services using LAMP stack.
  • Conduct peer code reviews and implement best practises.
  • Built complete backend and implemented JSON based REST API's using LAMP stack from scratch for a mobile product single-handedly.

MAR 2011 - MAR 2014

Database Analyst

Cognizant Technology Solutions, Full Time
  • Providing backend Oracle database support for UK and US based clients.
  • Conducting capacity planning.
  • Preparing and devising backup plans & strategies.
  • Recovered database from disk level block corruption.
  • Restored 4 Node RAC standby database which was out of sync by about 3K archives.
  • Fine tuning of database and OS for performance.
  • Developing and deploying shell/PL/SQL scripts for automation of housekeeping/monitoring jobs.
  • Providing rotational on-call support during weekends.
  • Developing a customized web based solution for automated health check of databases.

FEB 2013 - MAR 2013

Mobile Web Developer, Part Time
  • Worked as freelance web developer.
  • Developed a prototype for mobile version of using HTML, Javascript and jQuery Mobile (absolutely no server sides involved).

JUN 2010 - MAR 2011

Full Stack Developer

9.9 MediaWorx, Full Time
  • Web development using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) for portals like Thinkdigit, devworx, ITNext,Consumermate, The CTO Forum, Edu Tech, iGovernment, CFO Institue and Industry 2.0
  • Developed web application for generating Kindle friendly version of PDF.
  • Developed web application to transition from a legacy system running on Oracle 9i & Oracle Forms to LAMP hosted application.
  • Worked with Netbeans and xdebug for debugging PHP applications.
  • Performed website tuning and optimization (Using Pagespeed and Firebug).
  • Configured Code Repository (Subversion).
  • MySQL server installation and optimization.
  • Data migration from Oracle to MySQL.
  • Web portal migration from Dedicated hosting to Amazon Cloud.
  • Worked with Amazon Cloud Infrastructure (EC2 Instances, S3 and EBS) to set up LAMP hosted servers.
  • Linux Server installations and maintaining LAMP applications.
  • Implemented server monitoring system Nagios for web hosts.
  • Mentoring and Training interns/new joiners.

Technical Skills


NOSQL / Neo4j

Developed a mobile product backend using Neo4j graph database. Using it as the main , consistent database for all purpose for this product.



Developed customized PL/SQL scripts for database monitoring. Expert in writing customized SQL queries for data load and for applications.


Oracle 9i/10g/11g

Experience installing/configuring/troubleshooting Oracle 9i/10g/11g databases along with RAC and dataguard environments. Database refreshes, performance tuning, backup configuration, capacity planning.


LAMP Stack

Developed web based B2B and B2C applications using LAMP (PHP) Stack. Experience migrating data from Oracle to MySQL. Experience in porting enterprise class application from Oracle forms to web based application. Hands-on experience in architecting and building RESTful web services. Experience developing systemd based daemons in PHP.


Shell Scripting

Developing scripts to monitor/automate database jobs. Experience developing in bash and ksh shells on HP-UX, Linux and Solaris. Hands-on experience in creating systemd and init daemons.


HTML, CSS and bootstrap

Developed neat and clean UI for web applications. Experience with bootstrap framework.


JavaScript and jQuery

Experience using JS in various web based applications. Knowledge of jQuery framework, AJAX requests and mobile layouts using jQuery mobile.